502 Main Project

If you can dream it-you can do it! 🔥

That was the motto we had with Black Kanyon and the 502 Main Project we helped bring to life in Lake Norden South Dakota.

Staying true to our roots as an EPC company we assisted Black Kanyon in the entire process of building their dream office from the ground up starting with the design phase all the way through the final walk through.

The 502 Project consisted of a 3-level building with retail space on the first floor, residential on the second and office space on the third, rounded out by a rooftop patio that overlooks Lake Norden. In total the 22,500 square foot building is definitely a show stopper! 👀

As with every project, there’s a timeline to adhere to and with our talented team, quick thinking and natural ability to overcome obstacles we were able to hit the target completion date! ✔️

Our team can conceptualize, design, and ENGINEER a project, PROCURE all equipment, materials, manpower, etc. that the project requires, and finally CONSTRUCT the project itself no matter the size or industry. 🏗️